Bakuon!! / 爆音少女!! / ばくおん!! 10-bit 1080p HEVC BDRip
10-bit HEVC + FLAC,MKV格式。约 900 MB 一集。

The BD source of "Bakuon!!" presents a medium-weak aliasing all over the videos, in addition to slight noise and banding in dark areas. To tackle the first issue, anti-aliasing is adopted, accompanied by adaptive sharpening to compensate the sharpness loss; as for banding and noise, slight debanding and adaptive denoising are applied in conjunction.
本资源扫图格式为 WebP,详情参见种子内 readme about WebP.txt

播放器教程(PotPlayer 版):
播放器教程(MPC 版):
madVR 配置教程:

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