Non Non Biyori / 悠哉日常大王 / のんのんびより S1+S2=BDRip OADs=DVDRip
10-bit HEVC + FLAC, MKV 格式。约 1 GB 一集。


The image quality of 'Non Non Biyori' is one of the best that we have seen so far. There is no apparant problem with the video, so we applied slight debanding and contra-sharpen to it. Due to the unsophisticated picture, we managed to keep the bitrate low without losing any fine details.

本资源扫图格式为 WebP,详情参见种子内 readme about WebP.txt

播放器教程(PotPlayer 版):
播放器教程(MPC 版):
madVR 配置教程:

Comparison (right click on the image and open it in a new tab to see the full-size one)