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Houkago no Pleiades / 放学后的昴星团 / 放課後のプレアデス TV + YouTube Ver. BDRip
标准版: 10-bit 720p HEVC + FLAC + AAC, MKV 格式. 每话约 750 MB.

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这是一个 vcb-s 积分制度提名番( +

本篇蓝光原生分辨率为 720p,然后通过高斯算法拉升到 1080p。结果是画面整体过于柔和,线条周围有许多细小的碎屑状锯齿。虽然有效的避免了类似 ringing 等其他更麻烦、更显眼的瑕疵,但是还是无法掩盖这番除了开头与结尾字幕外,没有任何原生 1080p 细节的事实。所以处理上我们根据放大算法使用逆向拉升,在配合一些后处理来弥补锐利度损失,最后做了一个轻微的去色带处理。
下文对比图,成品通过 non-ringing Lanczos 4 算法放大到 1080p 再和原盘对比,以模仿一般播放器在 1080p 显示器上的播放效果。

The native resolution of Blu-Ray source is 1280x720 and was interpolated to 1920x1080 with Gaussian Kernel during BluRay mastering/authoring. The interpolation results in blurry image and tiny, scrappy aliasing attached to edges. Though Gaussian Interpolation did not introduce troublesome artifacts like ringing, it cannot conceal the fact that there is no native high frequency component under 1080p except the OP/ED credit. So we ripped the video with inversed interpolation, sharpness compensation (Contra-Sharpening, etc.) and slight debanding.
The encoded image in the comparision was upscaled to 1080p by non-ringing Lanczos4 algorithm, which is to emulate baseline playback environment of our target viewer (General 1920x1080 digital monitor, MPC/Pot with madVR).

Resource Credit:
Thanks to dennis1011@U2 and jsum@U2
Stella-rium from 624322077@2dkf, BK from h_12439@U2
ここから、かなたから from ST30073
オリジナルサウンドトラック むつらぼしα from jsum
オリジナルサウンドトラック[YouTube Edition] from nyaa

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播放器教程(PotPlayer 版):
播放器教程(MPC 版):
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