Gekijouban KanColle / 剧场版 舰队收藏 / 劇場版 艦これ Movie + DC Ver. BDRip
10-bit 1080p HEVC + FLAC 2.0,MKV 格式。~3.8 GB。
外挂 MKA 音轨包含 5.1CH DTS-HDMA 和 DTS Headphone X。

舰娘曾经是我们最早测试 HEVC 的番剧。只看画质,舰娘的剧场版继承了 TV 版极其优秀的画质,这让制作相对来说轻松很多。我们简单处理了一下部分场合蓝光拉升时候,锐化过度造成的轻微 ringing。编码方面,受益于 x265 的长足进步,比起之前 TV 版本,也可以更好的保留细节,并避免一些当时TV版制作还无能为力的小瑕疵。
The movie inherits the excellent image quality of TV series which was ever used to experiment HEVC. This considerably reduces the work required in BDRip. Simple preprocessing is applied to fix ringing caused by upscaling and over-sharpening. As for encoding, thanks to the continuously developing x265 codec, now it is capable to preserve more details and avoid some defects presented in TV series.

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