Made in Abyss / 来自深渊 / メイドインアビス
10-bit 1080p HEVC + FLAC,MKV 格式。外挂简繁字幕。

本片与 SweetSub 合作,感谢字幕组精心制作的正片和制作访谈字幕。
This project is in cooperation with SweetSub. Thanks to them for elaborating Chinese subtitles for all eposides and interviews.

来自深渊是当季度 BD 原盘中画质比较好的一部,素材原生分辨率在 900p 左右,但线条清晰,纹理丰富。从部分线条的轻微锯齿可以看出官方拉伸的痕迹,低亮度场景画面上覆盖着一层用来掩盖色带的噪点。我们对线条进行抗锯齿处理,并配合纹理增强,略微提升画面锐度;移除平面区域的噪点并修复噪点下的暗场色带,再把噪点层进行亮度自适应削弱后打回去,辅以高还原度的参数,在保证观感的情况下控制体积。
The BD quality of Made in Abyss is pretty decent among the others from the same season with rich details and clear lines. Some slight aliasing still suggests it to be an upscaled 1080p with original resolution estimated to be ~900p. There are some banding issues in the dark areas and the producer tried to hide them with artificial noise. We pre-processed it with anti-aliasing and detail enhancing to fix the aliasing issues, and then we isolated the noise layer to remove the color banding. Finally, we did an adaptive denoise to properly reduce the bit-rate required without downgrading the visual quality.

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Thanks to:
wilfried@ADC & 毛毛绒love@U2 & U2娘@Share for BD and Scans
nnex46@TSDM for OP/ED/OST
asdf1001as@astost for OST Scans

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