Dear Sir or Madam,

Welcome to the world of Violet Evergarden.

如果您只需要字幕,请从 下载。另外字体也请从下载。
For the subtitles and fonts, you may download them separately from

如果您需要5.1ch音轨(仅Theater version),请下载另行发布的FLAC外挂音轨DTS-HDMA外挂音轨
For the 5.1ch tracks (only for theater versions), download the dedicated mka tracks: FLAC, DTS-HDMA.

You are NOT allowed to repost this torrent, or to redistribute/include/refer to any part that related to this torrent, on Nyaa.
You are NOT allowed to redistribute any content of the Albums, Scans and Soundtrack folders.

Storyboard (latter part of the booklets) are not included in Scans. Also I dropped the Chronicle (a 108P fanbook) which is too much of a burden for me to scan.

See you 2020 then.

Yours faithfully,
ssnake, and the fellows of FLsnow