VCB-Studio 集中式补丁包计划,目的在于将已发布的作品中做错、做漏或有改进的部分,集中收录整理后做种发布。这次发布的是第九版补丁包 SP9,包括以下作品的改进和修正。如果你下载过下表中任何一部番,强烈建议你选择性下载其中对应的内容。

本次点兔字幕由一位字体爱好者进行了修正。二次后期时将原来的 DFMaruMoji-W3 日文字体更换为 DFPMaruMoji-SL,并将中文字体换成了华康本家生产的对应中文字体:华康少女文字A Std W5,确保中日字体风格完全一致。
之前发布的补丁包信息请查阅:。请转到 来查询 UID。
VCB-Studio Service Pack Project is a project aimed to provide batched upgrade for our released BDRip. It contains revisions, improvements and supplements that should make our releases better-off and flawless.
This is the 9th part of the project, SP9, which contains upgrades listed below. If you have downloaded our release of any following project, it is strongly recommended that you get the "upgrade patch" in the torrent.

You can also click to check out information about our previous Service Packs. Please refer to for checking UID.
Should you know there is any problem we have not fixed, or still there are problems after patching, please inform us by replying below.