Koi wa Ameagari no You ni / 恋如雨止(爱在雨过天晴时) / 恋は雨上がりのように
10-bit 1080p HEVC + FLAC,MKV 格式。每话约 1050 MB。

这个项目与 悠哈璃羽字幕社 合作,感谢他们精心制作的字幕。
This project is in cooperation with UHA-WINGS. Thanks to them for elaborating Chinese subtitles.

The Blu-ray source features high contrast and clarity for lines even in dark area; however, furry distortion is also present for this reason. Therefore, pre-processing includes anti-aliasing, along with adaptive denoising and proper sharpening, so as to increase visual quality.

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