White Album / 白色相簿 / ホワイトアルバム BDRip
10-bit 720p AVC + FLAC,MKV 格式。每话约 275 MB。

比起龙虎有过之无不及的东西,各种早期蓝光常见的问题几乎都有能找到。制作思路就是猜测并模拟试验官方 upconv 的算法,inverse 到 720p 之后,再做必要的修正。因为片源毫无 HD 级别的高频细节信息,而且现在大家都会用 madVR 设置好的 upscale 算法进行播放了,所以也没必要再拉回 1080p,最终成品就 720p 拿出来吧。

The Blu-ray source is as scaring as Toradora, featuring almost all artifacts in early BD production. Since pictures have no HD-level details, we down-scaled them by experimenting the official "upconv" algorithm. Image pre-processing is then applied on 720p level. We decided to no longer upscale it back as you are assumed to have a good playback environment e.g. with madVR.
pp: destripe, ivtc, inverse-upscale. dering, aa, sharpen, deband, denoise

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Please refer to "readme about WebP.txt" if you have trouble viewing WebP images.

重发修正 v2 @190214:
修正 EP13 章节,修复 OP/ED CD,增补 OST/Drama CD×4
Reseed v2 @190214:
Fixed chapter in EP13, repaired OP/ED CD and complemented OST/Drama CD×4

重发修正 v1 @150606:
1. 增补 4 个预告特典和 1 个 NCED,修正第 13 集 ED 不完整,重制若干处理错误的特典
2. 重命名许多名称不正确的特典
Reseed v1 @150606:
1. Complemented 4 SPs and 1 NCED, repaired incomplete EP13 and reworked some improperly handled SPs
2. Renamed many improperly named SPs

基础播放器教程: PotPlayer / MPC-HC / IINA
进阶播放器教程: madVR / PotPlayer+madVR / mpv
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下图截图中我们的 720p 成品使用 non-ringing lanczos 4 拉伸到 1080p,以模拟一般播放器在 1080p 下播放的效果,也为了和原盘保持一致的分辨率。
Our 720p BDRip is upscaled to 1080p with non-ringing lanczos 4 to simulate a commonly used playback scenario and compare wtih the original 1080p Blu-ray source in these screenshots below.

Comparison (right click on the image and open it in a new tab to see the full-size one)