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One Room / ワンルーム S2 BDRip
10-bit 1080p HEVC + FLAC,MKV 格式。每话约 100 MB。

One Room S2 原盘同 S1 一样质量不太好,存在明显拉伸痕迹,线条有大量的锯齿和晕轮。对此我们对线条边缘进行了反锯齿和去晕轮处理,对平面区域进行了自适应降噪和去色带操作。为了进一步改善观感,还对线条进行了轻微的加黑,以及对平面区域弱纹理进行增强。最后配合中高码率 x265 参数进行压制。
The original quality of One Room S2 is just as not good as S1, there are obvious traces of up-scaling and lots of aliasing and ringing around lines. We applied anti-aliasing and de-ringing, and also self-adaptive de-noising and de-banding on flat surface. To further improve visual experience, we slightly blackened lines and sharpened weak textures on flat surface. Videos were encoded with mid-high bitrate x265 parameter.

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CD: RiKarin@U2

基础播放器教程: PotPlayer / MPC-HC / IINA
进阶播放器教程: madVR / PotPlayer+madVR / mpv
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