Comic Girls / こみっくがーるず BDRip
10-bit 1080p HEVC + FLAC,MKV 格式。每话约 900 MB。

感谢 喵萌奶茶屋西农YUI 精心制作的字幕。
Thanks to Nekomoe kissaten and YUI-7 for elaborating Chinese subtitles.

本作原生作画分辨率仅有 720p,导致 BD 原盘线条较为模糊并且存在少量的锯齿,但是像色带这样的问题在原盘中几乎没有见到,为此我们针对性目视锐利度进行了补偿,并且消除了锯齿。BD 上噪点很细,且强度略高,所以我们对不同视觉区域的噪点强度做了一些调整,节约码率的同时,最大程度保留了纹理细节和目视观感。顺带一提,本作 BD 画面中几乎所有线条都存在一定的色彩偏移,线条边缘有彩虹般颜色分离效果。在讨论修复这个问题的过程中发现同样由本番制作公司 Nexus 制作的 GRANBELM 也存在这个问题,并且无法完美的修复,因此我们认定这是特效而不是制作问题。
The native resolution of this anime was only 720p, which resulted in blurry lines and minor aliasing, whereas artifacts such as colour-banding are hardly found in the original source. We compensated visual sharpness and applied anti-aliasing. The noises from BD are fine particles and they are a bit high in strength, so we made some adjustments to strength of noises in different visual areas to save bitrate as well as maximumly maintaining texture details and visual experience. What's more, The lines in this anime have some chroma aberration effect, resulting in lines surrounded by blue/red border that resembles a mini rainbow. While discussing how to fix this problem, we also found it in GRANBELM which was made by the same production company Nexus, and it cannot be perfectly fixed; thus we believe this is a certain visual effect rather than an artifact.


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