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黑街 / GANGSTA. / ギャングスタ BDRip
10-bit 1080p HEVC + FLAC,MKV 格式。每话约 1.1 GB。
内封原盘 ENG + JPN 字幕。

《黑街》这部很黄很暴力的番究竟什么时候加入计划,当时组里谁加入计划的,已经不可考了。今年清扫旧坑的时候,原盘放流依然七零八乱。分卷版本的蓝光只有两卷,内容贫瘠到可怜(几乎只有正片)的 BOX 版本倒是放流完毕。本次 release 基于 BD-BOX 制作。分卷版的前两卷,虽然有些额外的评论音轨和特典,但是内容零散也就不想全带上了,只把最重要的两个 NCOP 带上。

BD 蓝光,分卷版虽然码率稍高一点点,但是实际截图对比,分卷版和 BOX 版本的画面基本无法区分,都是 720p 为主的画面中低质量拉升到 1080p,再加上了很重的噪点。好在拉升方法可以还原,所以通过还原-再重构的方法可以几乎完美地消除拉升瑕疵。对于噪点,我们分离了画面中的动态噪点并予以削弱,保留静态噪点和类似噪点的细节。这样做的目的是为了不损伤细节和破坏目视效果的前提下,尽可能地避免浪费码率。

When and who nominated Gangsta are no longer trackable. BDMV releases were still a mess when we cleaned unfinished projects. While only two volumes are released, the release of the BD-BOX is completed, even though it merely includes the main anime. This project is produced based on the BD-BOX edition. Despite the fact that the two volumes have commentary audio tracks and SPs, the contents are jumbled up, so we only included two important NCOPs.

The volume editions have slightly higher bit-rates than the boxed edition, but it is very hard to distinguish the difference from screenshots. They were both upscaled from 720p using mid-low quality algorithms, then applied with heavy noise. Gladly, the upscaling is reversible, so downscaling and re-construction can almost perfectly eliminate the original artifacts caused by upscaling. As for the noise, we separated the motion noise and weakened them; static noise and noise-like details are maintained. This processing is to save the bit-rates as much as possible while not damaging the details and affecting the visual experience.

感谢所有参与制作者 / Thank to our participating members:
总监 / Script:LittlePox
压制 / Encode:Freak Out
整理 / Collate:gpf0710
复查 / QC:wenpens, LittlePox
发布 / Upload:Yokawa
分流 / Seed:VCB-Studio CDN 分流成员(详细名单见主站)

感谢所有资源提供者 / Thank to all resource providers:
CD: figma1327@TSDM, ENDorphins@jpopsuki, kasumichan@Animoesic

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