BaiduYun code: d86e
解压密码 (archive password): LittleBakas!
在线预览 (online preview): Bilibili
Video: 1920×1080, x265-10bit, YUV 4:2:0
Audio: Dual audio(CHS&JP) track for most of the clips.
PP: de-logo, de-noising, de-banding, naobu
Since the incorrect framerate found in "Final Lesson" and "Will of the Herrscher", delogo may not be perfect on some scenes in those two clips.
Source was taken from online streaming which with relatively poor bitrate. There is little I can do to fix the mess.
No hard-subs, no watermark.
Offical Chinese & Japanese dub in one clip.
Suit for wallpaper engine, upupoo. etc.
Enjoy HEVC-yuv420p10 with hardware acceleration.