不吉波普不笑之幻影死神 BDRip
Boogiepop Phantom BDRip
ブギーポップは笑わない Boogiepop Phantom BDRip
10-bit 720p HEVC + FLAC,MKV 格式。约 400 MB 一集。
内封原盘 ENG + ENG (forced) 字幕,外挂简繁字幕(有注释版和无注释版各两种)。
外挂 ENG FLAC 5.1 + 2.0 + 评论音轨。

这个项目与 SweetSub 合作,感谢他们精心制作的字幕。
This project is in cooperation with SweetSub. Thanks to them for elaborating Chinese subtitles.

TL;DR:此次不吉波普不笑之幻影死神的压制采用了美版 Blu-ray 原盘,主要修复了官方 IVTC 残留的缟缟和线条周围的晕轮,缩小至 720p 编码。全部正片片尾滚动文字进行了完全重制。

不吉波普不笑之幻影死神在去年发售了美版 Blu-ray,是这部作品首次高清化。有众多老片高清化惨不忍睹的例子在先,我们本来也没有什么期待,但发售之后发现画质意外还可以:画面细节比 DVD 有明显提高,线条也没有被过度锐化。不过画面仍然存在一些问题,比如时常可以看到不完美的 IVTC 残留的缟缟,以及线条周围很宽的晕轮。这些问题利用我们常规的抗锯齿和去晕轮手段都可以较好地修复。由于画面本身没有什么高分辨率有效细节,我们选择了缩小至 720p 来编码(以下截图为了方便对比,成品使用 Spline36 拉伸到了和源相同的分辨率)。

和正片画面本身的问题比起来,原盘最大的问题反而出在正片每一集片尾的滚动制作成员列表文字上,已经……彻底烂掉了(参考下面最后一组截图)。与我们合作的 SweetSub 负责本片字幕后期的同学调侃说:“烂成这样真的没救了,还不如重新手打一遍排个版盖上去"。一语成谶,我们随后发现原盘提供了除第二集以外每一集的 NCED,原本片尾文字与画中画重叠的障碍不再存在,于是索性把这个想法付诸了实施。首先通过查证资料和校对确定文本内容,然后在 Photoshop 中微调排版,尽量与原片保持一致(甚至顺便修正了若干原字幕中的别字和排版错误),最后将排版好的图片导入 Premier Pro 导出为滚动字幕无损视频,通过 VapourSynth 脚本载入后与 NCED 视频融合,替换掉正片的片尾。我们猜测原片第二集的母带可能已经丢失,导致了第二集 NCED 的缺失。正片第二集的片尾文字也并没有像其他集一样烂掉,但看起来是直接从 30 fps 删帧转为了 24 fps,导致字幕滚动非常不流畅。我们从第二集正片为素材手动剪辑了一个 NCED,然后用相同办法覆盖上文字将片尾进行了替换。

此次发布需要特别感谢 SweetSub 参与本片制作的小伙伴们:负责字幕翻译和校对的同学参考原作小说和动画剧本对本片做了大量个人研究(参见注释版字幕),并为我们提供了全部动画剧本的扫图;负责字幕后期的同学承担了全部重制片尾滚动文字的录入、校对和排版等极度繁琐的工作,并为我们提供了画质修复的建议。没有他们的辛苦劳动,就不会有这一次作品的发布。

TL;DR: This release of Boogiepop Phantom is encoded using the US edition Blu-ray. We mainly tried to fix the occasional combing and haloing, and encoded in 720p. The rolling credits text in the ending of all episodes were completely remade.

The US edition Blu-ray of Boogiepop Phantom was release last year, which is the first HD remaster release of this title. There have been many examples of low quality HD remaster of old anime before, so we were surprised to find out that this one is actually not bad: details are significantly enhanced compared with DVD, and line art is not oversharpened. There are still some issues of course, such as remaining combed frames here and there due to imperfect IVTC, and wide haloing can be seen around most strong edges. These artifacts can be easily fixed with our routinely used anti-aliasing and de-ringing filters. As there is no real full HD details, we chose to downscale to 720p for this encode (for easy comparison, the screenshots below were upscaled to the source resolution using Spline36).

The real biggest issue of this Blu-ray, however, is that the text of the rolling ending credits of each episode is completely...destroyed (see the last group of screenshots below). Our friends at SweetSub joked that "there is nothing we can do unless we manually type out all the text and overlay them", and guess what, it turned out that the Blu-ray has all NCEDs included (except Ep.02) which makes this actually feasible...We managed to get all the text, proofread, fine-tuned typesetting in Photoshop to match the source (even fixed a few typos and misalignment in the source), and finally import the image into Premier Pro and export the rolling credits lossless video clip, then load it into our VapourSynth script, merged with the NCED, and replaced the original ending clip. We are guessing that the video master of Ep.02 is probably lost, thus the missing NCED. The ending of the Ep.02 Blu-ray also does not suffer from the same problem seen in other episodes, but it seems to be converted into 24 fps by directly deleting frames from the original 30 fps footage, which resulted unpleasantly choppy movement. We opted to cut out an NCED by ourselves using the same scenes in Ep.02, then overlaid the text and replaced the ending clip the same way.

We would like to especially thank our friends at SweetSub for this release: the translator spent a lot of time doing research on this anime title based on the original novel and the scenario (you can see his comments in the annotated version of the subtitle, if you can read Chinese), and provided us the complete scans of the scenario; the timer&typesetter did all the extremely tedious typing/proofreading/typesetting of the remade rolling credits, and gave suggestions on the preprocessing of our encode. This release is simply not possible without their effort.

修正 Ep.02 staff 表人名错误,也因此将 Ep.02 对应音轨和字幕更名。

Reseed comment:
Fix an error in Ep.02 staff credit. The corresponding audio track and subtitles are renamed as well.

感谢所有参与制作者 / Thank to our participating members:
整理 / Collate:wenpens
复查 / QC:Enola
发布 / Upload:神楽坂真羽
分流 / Seed:VCB-Studio CDN 分流成员(详细名单见主站)

感谢所有资源提供者 / Thank to all resource providers:
CD: JustAfan@Nyaa, norikotakaya@Jpopsuki, 黒江CHLOE@TSDM(https://www.tsdm39.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=759556)
Scan: Jalapeño@LoliHouse, phage@SweetSub

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3. 之前的发布为分卷或分季,适合补充一个系列合集。
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