天气之子 / Tenki no Ko / 天気の子 BDRip
10-bit 1080p HEVC + FLAC,MKV 格式。约 7.4 GB。
10-bit HDR 2160p HEVC + FLAC,MKV 格式。约 10.0 GB。
内封原盘 CHN + ENG + JPN 字幕。
1080p 版外挂 FLAC 5.1 + DTS 5.1 配英文主题曲 + 无障碍音轨。
2160p 版外挂 FLAC 5.1 + FLAC 5.1 配英文主题曲。

这个项目与 动漫国字幕组 合作,感谢他们精心制作的字幕。
This project is in cooperation with DMG. Thanks to them for elaborating Chinese subtitles.

“天气之子"的 1080p 版蓝光原盘画质非常好,除了背景部分的线条有轻微锯齿以外完全挑不出什么问题。这些锯齿在正常观看时是基本注意不到的,加上本片背景细节丰富,为了避免抗锯齿的副作用,我们选择了忽略这些锯齿,只做了预防性的轻微去色带处理。特典中包含的各个 Event 视频画质普遍不佳,为了节省体积,我们把它们缩小到了 720p 压制,其余内容则都保留了 1080p 分辨率。

相比之下,2160p 版的蓝光原盘画质就让人比较失望了。人物部分的线条深浅不一,有一定程度的锯齿,线条周围有明显的晕轮;1080p 版中背景部分的锯齿在 2160p 版中也被放大而更加显眼。由之前公开的 Qtec 制作人员访谈我们已知“你的名字。"的 UHD-BD 是完全基于 1080p 版母带制作的,而这次我们还没有看到任何确定的信息。从我们的分析来看,2160p 版画面的线条确实有一些由 1080p 拉伸而来的特征,但 1080p 版画面的背景中有些已经糊在一起的文字笔画在 2160p 版里却还能够辨识,因此我们猜测 2160p 版的母带原始分辨率可能是略高于 1080p 的,但应该仍然远低于 2160p。我们通过多次试验,根据线条特点选取了一个逆向双立方拉伸并重构的方案,在几乎不损失锐度的同时抹平大部分锯齿,然后用较强的去晕轮滤镜把线条周围清理干净。虽然这些处理还是会造成一些锐度损失和轻微的副作用,结果比原盘在观感上还是要好不少。

对于绝大多数观众,我们仍然推荐观看 1080p 版,因为 2160p 版除了 HDR 以外并没有什么画质上的优势。我们建议有中档以上 HDR 显示设备(VESA DisplayHDR 600 或以上)且有兴趣尝试 HDR 效果的用户观看 2160p 版。

此外,由于目前 ASS 字幕在配合 HDR 视频时存在诸多问题(视播放器设置不同字幕可能太亮或太暗、颜色无法匹配等等),我们合作的动漫国字幕组只制作了适配 1080p 版的字幕。新版 ASS 标准的开发已经停滞多年,因此这些问题在可预见的未来可能都无法得到解决。

以下截图前五组为 1080p 版,后五组为 2160p 版。为了方便查看,2160p 版截图都经过了 BT.2390 色调映射并转换到了 BT.709 色彩空间(注意这并不意味着颜色会和 1080p 版相同)。

The 1080p version of "Tenki no Ko" Blu-ray has very good picture quality. It's hard to spot any issues, apart from minor aliasing in the background if we're being picky. Given those aliasing lines are hard to notice in actual watching, we decided to ignore them to avoid the side effects of anti-aliasing and better preserve the rich detail, therefore we only applied slight debanding for preprocessing. The Event videos in the bonus contents have rather poor quality, so we downscaled them to 720p to minimize file size, while everything else was encoded in 1080p.

In contrast, the 2160p UHD-BD is disappointing. The line art of the characters is uneven and often over-darkened, a bit aliased, surrounded with prominent ringing; the minor aliasing in the background from the 1080p version is also amplified and became more obvious. We already know that the previous "Your Name." UHD-BD was an upscale from the 1080p master according to a Qtec staff interview, but we haven't seen any definite information this time. In our analysis, though, it does appear that the line art is somewhat characteristic of an 1080p upscale, but we could also see some still recognizable character strokes in the background, while they're blended in the 1080p version,so we guess the original resolution of the master used for the 2160p version is probably a bit higher than 1080p, but still much lower than 2160p. After a few rounds of trial and error, we decided to use the descaling and reconstruction method with a bicubic kernel that was able to smooth out most aliasing without losing too much sharpness, and then applied strong de-ringing to clean up the surroundings. These processing do cause some loss of sharpness and minor artifacts, but the result should still look much better than the source.

For most people, we still recommend the 1080p version as the 2160p version doesn't really have an advantage except HDR. You can try the 2160p version if you have a mid to high-end HDR display (VESA DisplayHDR 600 or higher) and are interested in HDR.

Moreover, as there are currently lots of issues when playing an HDR video with ASS subtitles (subtitles being either too bright or too dark depending on player settings, colors don't match etc.), our collaborators at DMG have only made ASS subtitles for the 1080p version. Given the development of the new ASS standard has been stagnant for years, these problems are unlikely to be fixed any time soon.

The first five pairs of screenshots below are of the 1080p version, and last five are 2160p. All 2160p screenshots have been tone mapped with BT.2390 recommended curve and converted into BT.709 color space (note that this doesn't mean the color will match with the 1080p version).

助手ちゃん:4K 原盘刚出来时我没多看就直接在 LoliHouse 裸压了一份,已经下载了 LoliHouse 2160p 版的同学建议洗成 VCB 这版。LoliHouse 的 1080p 版倒是没什么问题,处理脚本完全一样,只是 VCB 版编码时稍微提高了压制参数。

感谢所有参与制作者 / Thank to our participating members:
总监 / Script:はかせx助手ちゃん
压制 / Encode:gpf0710
整理 / Collate:Enola
复查 / QC:助手ちゃんxはかせ,wenpens
发布 / Upload:神楽坂真羽
分流 / Seed:VCB-Studio CDN 分流成员(详细名单见主站)

感谢所有资源提供者 / Thank to all resource providers:
CD: KSLU@U2, nnex46@TSDM
BD: Ue@U2

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