神的记事本 / Kamisama no Memochou / 神様のメモ帳 BDRip
10-bit 1440p HEVC + FLAC + AAC,MKV 格式,约 1.0 GB 一集。

本片由组员 Enola 提名。
This project was nominated by our team member Enola.

《神的记事本》画质中等偏上,原画面分辨率基本为 720p,用没有什么副作用的算法拉大到 1080p。画面暗场偶尔有一些色带,并不严重,但是强行涂抹很容易误伤头发、夜景等细节,因此我们针对性地设计了保护措施。因为拉升算法可以精准还原,720p 的分辨率足矣承载原画的有效信息,本片采用 720p 编码。Menu 是 1080p 作画所以保留了 1080p 分辨率截图。还有些与本作不相关的特典(主要是制作商其他 BD 的预告片),画质很烂,内容也零零碎碎没有收藏价值,就直接偷懒跳过了。

本来这个项目做到这里就完成了,委托者 Enola 得知画面仅有 720p 不禁惋惜地表示,自己收的其他版本,在 UHD 屏幕上看着很是模糊,看来没有别的方法了。出于好奇,也为了满足他在 UHD 屏幕上观看 UHD 版本的愿望,我们将原生 720p 的画面,用神经网络算法放大两倍到 1440p。我们没有选择带有强烈主观调整和锐化性质的算法,而是侧重于控制副效果,让画面看上去不要有过分涂抹感和形变感,然后与常规放大算法比较。其实试验的结果并不理想:不带有主观性调整的放大算法,哪怕用上能耗巨大的神经网络,相对于操作得当的常规手段,提升幅度也有限,达不到一眼睛的区别。我们将此版本放出,方便一些想在超清屏幕上观看,但是难以在播放时高质量拉升的同学选择性下载。

本版为 1440p 版。为了对比,我们将原盘用 Lanczos 3 放大到 1440p,来模拟一般播放器的播放效果。

Kamisama no Memochou has above-average image quality. The native drawings were done in 720p, and then upscaled to 1080p using a good algorithm that barely produced any side effects. Colour banding is occasionally visible on the dark scenes but by no means severe. Since high-strength de-banding would damage some details like Alice's long, dark hair, and certain night scenes, we took a few protective measures accordingly when writing the script. This project is encoded in 720p for two reasons: first, 720p is enough to contain all the information about the native drawings; second, tractable upscaling algorithms can be reverted near-perfectly. The menus are native 1080p though, so the screenshots for them are still kept 1080p. One PV (from Vol.1) is pretty ugly-looking; it's made of some randomly-picked promotional videos for other Blu-rays (made by the same producer), hence having little value to this collection. We did not bother to include it.

The project was supposed to be completed by this point. Enola, who nominates this series, was a bit sad when knowing 720p was as high as this encode can go. He had watched a few other encodes for this same series on his UHD monitor, but blurry was always the experience, and there seemed to be no way out. Out of my own curiosity, and to fulfill his wish to watch a UHD version on a UHD monitor, we experimented with a neural network upscaling algorithm and made this 1440p version (exact 2x of the native 720p). We avoided those algorithms known for their subjective enhancement, sharpening or alike. Rather, we focused on mitigating any side effects so that the scenes won't be overly blurry or distorted. We then compared the output with what we got conventionally. The result is actually not that impressive: upscaling algorithms that are free of subjective enhancement, even with neural networks that consume so much power, show limited improvement compared the conventional upscaling methods - as long as the latter are properly used. The differences are not striking enough so that people can tell at a glance. Nevertheless, we've decided to release this version, for those who would like to try watching this series on a UHD display, but have difficulty enabling high-quality upscaling algorithm in the media player.

This is the upscaled 1440p version. For the ease of comparison, the screenshots for the source are upscaled to 1440p using Lanczos 3 algorithm to mimic typical play-back upscaling.

感谢所有参与制作者 / Thank to our participating members:
总监 / Script: LittlePox
压制 / Encode: rev, gpf0710
整理 / Collate: Enola
复查 / QC: wenpens, LittlePox
发布 / Upload: Tom
分流 / Seed: VCB-Studio CDN 分流成员(详细名单见主站)

感谢所有资源提供者 / Thank to all resource providers:
CD: {梦, Enola, Hadaly_Lilith}@TSDM, Lv.1@U2

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