Love Live! 虹咲学园学园偶像同好会 3rd Live! School Idol Festival ~梦之始端~ BDRip
Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai 3rd Live! School Idol Festival ~Yume no Hajimari~ BDRip
ラブライブ!虹ヶ咲学園スクールアイドル同好会 3rd Live! School Idol Festival ~夢の始まり~ BDRip
10-bit 1080p HEVC + FLAC ,MKV 格式。每场 Live 约 20 GB。

这个项目与 虹之咲字幕组 合作,感谢他们精心制作的字幕。
This project is in cooperation with NijigakuSub. Thanks to them for elaborating Chinese subtitles.

本次虹 3rd live 采用最高规格制作,分为内嵌硬字幕视频、无字幕视频+外挂字幕两个版本,两个版本的视频质量完全相同。内嵌字幕版为全特效字幕,外挂字幕为去特效只保留文字的版本。除非对无字幕视频有特殊需求,否则我们强烈建议观看内嵌字幕版,以获得更好的观看体验。
This release is produced with the best specifications. It is devided into two versions: the video embedded hardcoded subtitles and the unsubtitled video with external subtitles. The quality of the both version are exactly the same. The embedded hardcoded subtitles have full effects, while the external subtitles only have the text contents. Unless you have a special need for unsubtitled videos, we strongly recommend watching the embedded hardcoded subtitles version for a better experience.

虹 3rd 原盘属于质量最好的一类,真人部分原生 30p,动画部分 24d。我们将动画部分还原为 24p,采用动态帧率(vfr, 30p+24p)进行制作。同时,我们调整了原盘结构,将每场 Live 合并到一个文件内。动画部分的画质与 TV 动画 BD 基本一致,除了色带问题严重很多。我们基本沿用 TV 动画 BD 的处理思路,并加强了去色带的力度。真人部分画质很好,码率充足,我们只进行常规处理,去除色带色块,最后进行自适应降噪以控制码率。
The source is of the best quality, with the interlacing type of native 30p (live action) and 24d (animation). We returned the animation part to 24p and made the production with variable frame rate (30p+24p). Together, we adjusted the structure of the BD source and combined each live into a single file. The image quality of animation part is basically the same as the BD for TV animation, except for more colour banding. We basically followed the same idea of the processing in BD for TV animation, and strengthened the de-banding process. The live part is of great quality with sufficient bitrate, thus we only treated it with some regular process, with de-banding and de-blocking, and finally adaptive denoising to control the bitrate.

总监: 我已经完全悸动了

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