TV: 未来日记 / Mirai Nikki / 未来日記 BDRip
10-bit 1080p HEVC + FLAC + AAC,MKV 格式。每话约 1.1 GB。

OVA: 未来日记 Redial / Mirai Nikki Redial / 未来日記リダイヤル BDRip
10-bit 1080p HEVC + FLAC,MKV 格式。OVA 全篇约 1.1 GB。

原盘画质一般,原生分辨率为 720p。线条有不少拉升带来的锯齿和振铃,但最大的问题是很多片段没有好好润线,出现了非常严重的二值化锯齿。我们首先进行了逆向拉伸重构以去除常规场景的锯齿并保证锐利度,然后使用了大量的分段对没好好润线的部分进行强力的连线处理。最后是常规的去色带、补偿性锐化和自适应降噪。
另外值得一提的是,虽然 OVA ED 的动画部分经过了缩小处理,但我们处理 NCED 的时候发现其原生分辨率为 1080p,而且线条几乎没有问题,这个在当年还是蛮罕见的。我们的处理手段是轻微的抗锯齿、去色带和补偿性锐化。
The image quality is not very good, with a native resolution of 720p. The major problem is the lines without proper smoothed, as the severe raw binary aliasing demonstrated in many scenes. The lines also feature a certain amount of aliasing and ringing due to upscaling. Our PP started from descaling and reconstruction to remove the aliasing in regular scenes while maintaining the sharpness. Then we adopted scenefiltering many times to connect those unsmoothed lines. And finally routine de-banding, compensatory sharpening and adaptive denoising.
It is also worth mentioning that although the animation parts of the OVA ED have been downscaled, we found the native resolution of the NCED to be 1080p when we processed it, and the lines are almost flawless, which is quite rare back then. Our PP consists of slight anti-aliasing, de-banding and compensatory sharpening.

总监:毕竟本作加上 OVA 一共 27 集,而且还要肉眼检查、手动分段,可以说是一个大工程了。尽管排查了很多次,但仍不排除有漏掉或者抗锯齿力度不够的地方,这种时候大家就当它是特效好了 2333。
Script Author Comments:
After all, with 27 episodes including the OVA, it's a great work to check by the naked eye and manually scenefilter the videos. Despite the many checks, we still can't deny the possibility of escaped artifacts as well as not enough effective anti-aliasing. Please kindly treat those cases as special effects. :)

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