Punch Line / パンチライン BDRip
10-bit 1080p HEVC + FLAC,MKV 格式。每话约 1.1 GB。

原盘画质一般,原生 720p,采用了非常锐利的拉升算法,导致线条有严重的锯齿和振铃。暗场还有较严重的色带。我们对线条进行了逆向拉伸重构,并补上了力度较大的抗锯齿和去振铃处理。然后是常规的去色带、补偿性锐化和自适应降噪。
The image quality of the source is mediocre with a native resolution of 720p. A very sharp upscaling algorithm was used so there is serious aliasing and ringing in the lines. And there is serious color banding in the dark areas. We descaled and reconstructed the lines and added strong anti-aliasing and de-ringing processing. Then regular de-banding, contra-sharpening and adaptive denoising were applied.

感谢所有资源提供者 / Thank to all resource providers:
BD: begna112@U2
CD: FLsnow, jsum@U2, {aoringo, hjknight}@astost

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