Rewrite / リライト BDRip
10-bit 1080p HEVC + FLAC + AAC,MKV 格式。每话约 970 MB。

这个项目与 动漫国字幕组 合作,感谢他们精心制作的字幕。
This project is in cooperation with DMG. Thanks to them for elaborating Chinese subtitles.

原盘画质中等,原生分辨率为 720p,使用 Sharp Bicubic 算法拉伸,全片线条有一圈细碎锯齿,传统手段难以处理,我们使用逆向拉伸重构来解决。然而对 Sharp Bicubic 算法进行逆向拉伸,不可避免地会降低画面锐度,因此我们又辅以适度的补偿性锐化,稍微提升清晰度。
The source has average quality, with a native resolution of 720p, and has been upscaled using the Sharp Bicubic algorithm. There is fine aliasing in the lines throughout the source, which is hard to handle with traditional methods, so we used descaling and reconstruction to solve it. However, descaling of the Sharp Bicubic algorithm inevitably reduces the sharpness of the image, so we then applied moderate compensatory sharpening to slightly improve the viewing experience.

总监: 能动就行.jxl 还是去玩原作游戏吧(
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