IDOLiSH7-偶像星愿- / アイドリッシュセブン BDRip

Certain episodes contain commentary tracks.

原盘质量一般,虽然没有明显的制作问题,不过动画是由两个极端组成:一边是过糊的 Troyca 祖传 720p 作画, 另一边是过锐、带有明显锯齿和振铃的三渲二场景。
The source quality is average. The image has no obvious production problems but two extreme situations: over-blurring due to traditional Troyca native 720p; over-sharpening with noticeable aliasing and ringing due to cel-shading.

We applied targeted rescaling, slight AA and de-ringing to improve all the lines for a better viewing experience, supplemented by routine de-banding and adaptive denoising.

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