在地下城寻求邂逅是否搞错了什么 S1-S4 + MOVIE BDRip Reseed
Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darouka S1-S4 + MOVIE BDRip Reseed
ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか S1-S4 + MOVIE BDRip Reseed

TV 部分集数内封评论音轨。剧场版外挂 MKA 包含 FLAC 5.1 和 AAC 评论音轨。
Certain TV episodes contain commentary tracks. The movie has external MKA with FLAC 5.1 main track and AAC commentary track.

第一/二/三季以及剧场版与 DHR动研字幕组茉语星梦 合作,感谢他们精心制作的字幕。
S1-S3 and Movie are in collaboration with DHR and MakariHoshiyume. Thanks to them for elaborating Chinese subtitles.

由于制作时间跨度较大,所以制作合集的时候 rev 了前两卷的内容,加强了 deband 效果,新的处理方法也提升细节保护力度。
此番属于非常适合 x265 压制的一类,在有效降低体积的同时,几乎看不到什么损失。
Most scenes in the BD source are of fantastic quality, with drawings of native 1080p resolution. However, the color-banding is quite annoying in certain scenes, and a few paintings get very heavy aliasing. We tried to fix them before encoding.
The first two volumes get revised from the previous release, as later we improved our initial methods for de-banding.
With sharp edges and very little digital noise, this project is pretty suitable for HEVC encoding, securing high quality and low bit-rate at the same time.

The second season of DanMachi has the same decent image quality as the first season. The native resolution is very high, and the drawings are exquisite. There are no obvious artifacts. We applied a bit of de-banding to the dark scenes before encoding.

原盘画质较好,原生分辨率为 900p,延续了地错系列的高水平制作。线条有较严重的锯齿和晕轮,平面有较严重的色带。我们对画面进行了逆向拉伸再重构,以保证锐利度,并做了中等强度的抗锯齿和去晕轮处理。接着是常规的去色带、补偿性锐化和自适应降噪。
The source is good with a native resolution of 900p, sustaining the high caliber production of the series. The lines feature a conspicuous aliasing and ringing, plus the flat area presents severe banding. We descaled and reconstructed the image to guarantee the sharpness, along with some mid-range anti-aliasing and deringing processes. We also applied some regular debanding, compensatory sharpening and adaptive denoising.

原盘画质较差。原生分辨率非常混乱,大部分素材为原生 900p;少部分素材分辨率较低,比如 800p、810p;还有一部分素材分辨率较高,分布在 900 至 1080 之间,比如 903、946、965、1080 等等。官方制作时的后期处理也是乱七八糟,有时锐化、有时模糊。以上问题导致部分线条有严重的锯齿和振铃。源还加了一层高强度动态噪点,产生了不少压缩瑕疵,少数暗场还有非常严重的色带。
The source quality is rather bad. The native resolution of materials is various: most of 900p, some lower as 800p/810p, some higher as 900p-1080p e.g. 903p/946p/965p/1080p. The post-production is also a mess, sometimes sharpening, sometimes blurring. Those all above make the lines with serious aliasing and ringing. On the other hand, the image is covered by high-density dynamic noise, resulting in many compression artifacts. Some dark scenes have heavy colour banding as well.
To fix all these, we did rescaling with necessary scene-filtering and masking to separately process materials in different resolutions. We then applied the routine AA and de-ringing to clean up the remaining artifacts. This was followed by adaptive de-banding and compensatory sharpening. Given the size limitations, we performed grain stabilization and luminance-adaptive denoising to control the bit-rate.

地错剧场版原盘画质不算特别好,画面比较锐利,因此锯齿比较明显,同时色带也比较明显,不过都比较好处理,对此针对性的 AA 和 deband 就好了。
The quality of movie isn't quite satisfactory. Images are a bit too sharp, which makes aliasing very noticeable. Colour bands are eye-catching, too. Yet both are relatively easy to fix, just need to apply anti-aliasing and de-banding accordingly.

1. 按现行规范修改文件规格和命名
2. 修正部分字幕错误,增补第二季 OVA 字幕,更新字体包
3. 增补如下 CD
- 第一季 ED 「RIGHT LIGHT RISE」 Hi-Res 版
- 第一季 OVA 角色歌 「君とボクの1日」
- 第三季 OP 「clearly」
- 第四季所有相关音乐
4. 增补第一季 OVA 和第四季扫图

Reseed comment:
1. Modify the file and naming according to the current specification
2. Fixed some subtitle mistakes, added S2 OVA subtitles, and updated the fonts
3. Supplement the following CD
- S1 Ending Theme "RIGHT LIGHT RISE" (Hi-Res Version)
- S1 OVA Character Song "君とボクの1日"
- S3 Opening Theme "clearly"
- All CDs related to S4
4. Supplement scans of S1 OVA and S4

感谢所有资源提供者 / Thank to all resource providers:
CDs: {高垣そうま, 38406031, ACWJH, GT4003, 甜不氵娜娜, xiaohao123, kannagiumine, あおば, tgllinwei, qyh11235813, abc831203}@TSDM, HAYAKU, ElitesTeaTime@jpopsuki, evan@U2, LiKaizi@skyey2
Scans: evan@U2, LiKaizi@skyey2, qyh11235813@TSDM

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