S1: 军火女王 / Jormungand / ヨルムンガンド
S2: 军火女王 PERFECT ORDER / Jormungand: Perfect Order / ヨルムンガンド PERFECT ORDER

We have produced two different versions of Jormungand to meet the needs of different audiences. The large-volume version, while controlling the file size, we attempted to retain the original noise as much as possible to preserve the authentic feel. The Lite version, on the other hand, aimed to remove most of the stylistic noise, striving to bring the visuals closer to the typical anime style. We did try keeping all the noise, but the resulting file size was enormous, nearly matching the size of the source disc. Hence, for those seeking a 100% authentic experience, we recommend the original BD version.
As widely known, Jormungand utilizes a narrative in reverse chronological order, resulting in almost every scene being heavily stylized with nostalgic noise. With advancements in compression technology and computational power, we were able to employ more sophisticated methods to handle these persistent stylistic noises. We experimented with various denoising algorithms and ultimately decided to use neural networks to completely separate the noise. Aside from the excessive noise, the picture quality has no major issues. Segments without noise from the beginning of EP1 show that, apart from noticeable aliasing, there aren't significant flaws in the visuals.
In the large-volume version, we utilized neural network to isolate the noise and then applied luma-adaptive denoising to save on bitrate. We also utilized standard anti-aliasing to address any noticeable aliasing. The computational demands of the neural network algorithms put a significant strain on the GPU, becoming the primary bottleneck in the encoding process. Therefore, we boldly employed very high encoding parameters to enhance the video encoding quality as much as possible without increasing the encoding time.

总监吐槽: 四年!你知道我这四年怎么过来的么.gif
整理吐槽: 10年老番,和死种作斗争,其乐无穷

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